All our teachers are qualified and they continuously train to become better teachers - both online and offline. 

Our teachers are responsible for planning fun and interesting lessons in which you practice a lot. They will also give you all the support and feedback you need. 

On your course you will see that our teachers are friendly and easy to talk to. They will make sure that you feel relaxed and confident in class (or online). 


Jaryk Language Center is a language center operating within the Kyrgyz legal and tax system. 

We have 2 departments working under Jaryk in our Bishkek headquarter: SRL (Silk Road Language) for foreigners to learn Russian and Kyrgyz and CLC (Canadian Language Center) for the locals to learn the English language.


T :  0 554 551 691 

      0 500 551 691 

      0 779 622 177

E : jarykcenter@gmail.com