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Welcome to Jaryk center! 

Jaryk Language Center is a language center operating within the Kyrgyz legal and tax system. 

We have 2 departments working under Jaryk in our Bishkek headquarter: SRL (Silk Road Language) for foreigners to learn Russian and Kyrgyz and CLC (Canadian Language Center) for the locals to learn the English language.


To help both locals and foreigners alike in acquiring adequate language skills in order for them to be proficient in the language of their choice. We also aim to provide locals with stable jobs.


The Jaryk Center was founded by Don and Jenny McIsaac in 2002 in Bishkek with a focus on community projects in mind. Jaryk Center were mainly involved in projects that nurture the well-being of senior citizens and leadership skills development in Kyrgyzstan youth. 

The Canadian Learning Center was started in 2015 to help locals learn the English language effectively. This was followed shortly by the Silk Road Language school to teach foreigners Kyrgyz and Russian language. We also branched out to Batken and Nova Pakrovka and opened similar center.

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