Jaryk Education Center is a language center operating within the Kyrgyz legal and tax system. 

We have 2 departments working under Jaryk in our Bishkek headquarter: SRL (Silk Road Language) for foreigners to learn Russian and Kyrgyz and CLC (Canadian Language Center) for the locals to learn the English language.

We offer 6 levels of English courses, from Beginner to Advance.


The course covers all aspects of learning English, including reading, listening, comprehension, grammar, and learning everyday conversation.  


Due to the pandemic situation in country we temporarily stopped providing English Language Courses

Russian and Kyrgyz 
Language Courses

We offer individual classes for Russian and Kyrgyz. Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Since April 2019 we have also begin Online Classes through Skype to foreign students in UK and USA. 

We also provide online classes of Kyrgyz and Russian languages

Contact Andry at jarykeducation@gmail.com

Our office: Moskovskaya 154, 19

(corner of Moskovskaya & Isanova) 

0 554 551 691

0 500 551 691

0 779 622 177