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Jaryk Education Center is a language center operating within the Kyrgyz legal and tax system. 

We have 2 departments working under Jaryk in our Bishkek headquarter: SRL (Silk Road Language) for foreigners to learn Russian and Kyrgyz and CLC (Canadian Language Center) for the locals to learn the English language.

We offer 5 levels of Russian courses, from A1 to C1.


The course covers all aspects of learning Russian, including reading, listening, comprehension, grammar, and learning everyday conversation.  

All classes are individual with a schedule set for 

Kyrgyz Language Courses

We offer individual classes for  Kyrgyz language. Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Since April 2019 we have also begun Online Classes through WhatsApp, Zoom and Google Meet to foreign students that are willing to study online. 

Contact Andry at

Our office: Moskovskaya 154, 19

(corner of Moskovskaya & Isanova) 

0 550 003 320

0 312 660 073

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